Las Olas

A feature length surf documentary from Central America, exploring what it means to be a surfer. Through the telling of six stories from local surfers, we journey through Central America and discover the joy of surfing. For such a simple act of sliding over a wave, whole lives and landscapes change. Is surfing more than just a sport? More

Rail to Rail

Zancudo grew up riding borrowed bodyboards but he didn't ride them quite like everybody else. In a small village of El Salvador, Rail to Rail is the story of one surfer equipped with little more than a bodyboard and his own ingenuity, surfing the way he always wanted.

Sea People

A lifeless city. A wild coast. People emerge and take to the sea.

Created for the 2017 Arnette Surfcity Festival in Barcelona. It was a project that came out of a three week stay in Lima, Peru, catching the winter swells. Featuring music by Timothy Coghill.

Kim & the Alaia

Kim Feldmann finds a block of wood, both a beautiful and perfect piece to turn into an Alaia. But as the wood slowly reveals its flaws, challenges arise and the process changes course. A brief look into the shaping of a surfboard and a reflective journey of the creative process.