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I’m a documentary filmmaker from Australia on an adventure to explore the world through a lens. My backpack has more equipment than t-shirts and I really can't imagine life without it. I specialise in water based cinematography and documentary film editing, but I love working on all sorts of projects. This website is home to my documentary film projects as well as my surf and travel photography. Learn more about me here.

I’ve spent the past three or so years in the Americas, travelling and making all kinds of content while producing a feature length documentary surf film 'Las Olas,' which is now screening at surf film festivals. To me, documentary filmmaking provides the ability to both interact with and capture the world around and it has been one hell of a ride doing so. Join me on the adventure and follow via Instagram or subscribe to the blog.

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Discovering the surfing stoke on a journey through Central America.

Run Time: 43min


Las Olas explores what it means to be a surfer. Through the telling of six stories from local surfers, we journey through Central America and discover the joy of surfing. For such a simple act of sliding over a wave, whole lives and landscapes change. Is surfing more than just a sport?